Metal - rubber anchors


Metal - rubber anchors made by our factory are used for anchoring vessels like boats, pontoons and small yachts. External rubber layer is its main advantage since it prevents from scratching/ cutting broadsides and pontoon chambers, also small size makes it easy to transport.

Moreover anchors picked up from a bottom clean themselves automatically from a mud, sand and water weeds.

We produce three main types of anchors: 5kg, 9kg, 14kg.
On special request we can produce anchors, which weigh 28 kg for anchoring huge vessels and yachts.

On 31 July 2006 our metal - 'rubber anchors were registered in Polish Patent Office - registration no. 11353.

Available anchors sets

  • Boat or pontoon up to 2,5m long - 2 anchors 5kg
  • Boat or pontoon 2,5 - 3m long - 1 anchor 9kg and 1 anchor 5kg
  • Boat longer than 3m - 2 anchors 9kg or 1 anchor 14kg and one anchor 9kg
  • Bigger boat and yachts - 2 anchors 14kg.